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  • I have 41 users in one WP install that are all spam. I can add users to this install (I added a secondary admin for myself), but I can’t delete ANY users when I’m logged in through the Dashboard as an admin. The system just hangs…keeps saying “Connecting” but then the screen goes blank after about 20 seconds. I figured I’d try deleting the users using SSH, but after searching online for about an hour, I can’t figure out where the user accounts are hosted. Can anyone help?

    (Also, I can add and delete spam and admin users from other WP installs on this same server, so there’s something wrong with this particular install. Prolly left over from when it was hacked. Still trying to clean everything up from that mess.)

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  • Try use this plugin. WP-Optimize. It helps alot

    It doesn’t look like it deletes users, which is what I need, but I tried it anyways, choosing to delete page revisions and spam comments. When I clicked the Submit button, it spun for a while then sent me to a 404 page. Maybe this is because my config file is one level up?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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