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  • Hey!

    I got comment spam in my blog, so I downloaded some anti-spam plugins, but they didn’t work for me. Finally, I decided to use captchas, so I activated the ReCaptcha plugin and am quite spam-free now (around 2-3 comments per week get through).
    But for some weird reason, there’s still a lot of spam, but it is all marked as spam and doesn’t show up. So my Dashboard looks like this:

    You have 37 posts, 4 pages, contained within 18 categories and 193 tags. You have 8,570 total comments, 97 approved, 8,473 spam and 0 awaiting moderation.

    How can I delete all these spam comments except using a MySQL query like “DELETE * FROM wp_comments WHERE whatever = ‘spam'”, is there a button somewhere? Didn’t find anything. Or a plugin?
    It’s quite annoying, I want to do a database backup, and it takes 20 minutes to download all the spam comments I don’t want to have anyway.

    Please help!

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  • After reading the FAQ, I found out that it’s normal that reCAPTCHA marks all comments with wrong word combination entered as spam and keeps them. That explains why I got 8400 spam comments.

    But I still don’t know how to delete them from the admin panel!

    Seriously, there is NO function to delete spam comments?

    Have you asked the plugin author?

    Looks like the site is here:



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    Indeed if it is specifically related to the plugin then you’d need to contact the author. Otherwise spam can be deleted from the “comments” menu, click to filter on “spam” then click “Delete all spam”.

    No, this is not related to the plugin, but rather to WordPress. I just want to delete the normal spam comments.
    But this function, as pointed out by mrmist, is not there! I have WordPress 2.6, but when I go to the comments menu, there is no filter, no spam category, nothing! I was annoyed because of that earlier, but thought that’s normal.

    Is this a problem with my WordPress version, or am I just too stupid to find it?

    mrmist just TOLD you how to do it. Have you looked at your dashboard options recently?

    it sounds like you are having the same problem I am having. HOWEVER, I do go in each day and delete my spam however, now from what we can tell it is entering through our source code. Akisment says they have all been deleted but if we go to the page source on our home page…..WOWOWOW….thousands are there. Anyone have any suggestions?

    The “delete all spam” thing is apparently new in 2.7, so you’ll want to upgrade.

    I, too, wonder how to automatically delete items that get marked as spam. I have a vanilla WordPress 2.7 install with no spam-related plugins except one I wrote myself that simply aborts if a CAPTCHA test fails. Yet, the DB still fills up with hundreds of comments in the “spam” category each day. They’re never visible to the public, nor to me unless I look for them in the dashboard, so it’s not a big deal (I go and delete them every so often), but I’m perplexed as to what is marking them as spam in the first place.

    As I said, I have only the one comment-related plugin, and comments that it blocks never make it to the database, period (as spam or otherwise), so something else is marking the comments as spam. I’m appreciative, but perplexed.

    If I can find out what is marking them as spam, then perhaps I can figure out a way to tell it “just delete the comments; don’t even insert into the DB as spam”…..

    I upgraded my blog to version 2.7 now, and the spam filter is there =)

    Thanks anyway.

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