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  • I would like to know the answer to this as well. I can see all my logs, but with the new upgrade to iThemes, it will not let us dump the files. I can access the logs via the MySQL, but I would prefer not to access my db if possible.

    Ok, I think I found where to set deleting log files. There is a section at the bottom of the Global settings that says, “Days to Keep Database Logs” and you put in a number for # Days. It goes on to explain below this section, “The number of days database logs should be kept. File logs will be kept indefinitely but will be rotated once the file hits 10MB.”

    I have one client in specific who gets spammed with 404 errors, and although I do have limits on frequency, I still end up with a long list in the log file. This also occurs with file changes on the server. Some days, the list is long. I would like to have the button back that lets me delete all my logs when I sift through them and confirm that everything is running as it should. I can appreciate the option to have the logs dump automatically, but there are times I would prefer to dump the files so I don’t have to sift through twice.

    Thank you.

    A better way is to just empty the 3 tables with the itsec prefix.

    @alanpae: How can I do this the smartest and safest way ? TIA.

    @alanpae: How can I do this the smartest and safest way ? TIA.

    The smartest way is to learn SQL. 🙂

    Or you can use phpMyAdmin if your hosting provider provides it or if you have it on your self hosted site.

    I actually use a script that I just run using the SQL command line option of phpMyAdmin:

    TRUNCATE wp_itsec_lockouts;
    TRUNCATE wp_itsec_log;
    TRUNCATE wp_itsec_temp;

    Or there are other plugins that will let you enter SQL commands directly to the database as well.


    Thank you. I will try it.

    Drink a Cognac !

    @ Alanpae
    it worked, I used the plugin SQL command in my blog.

    you made my month

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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