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  • Do you have any images you want to keep in it? (Or reference any in posts etc?
    If not, I think you can simply delete the folder from your site using ftp client or similar (CPanel etc)

    Thank you for the reply!

    No, no need to keep the files inside it. Just need to delete the folder itself to clean it up.

    I am using this plug in for my client, so a more user-friendly functionality, like a delete option, would be best. Having them call/email me to delete folders on the FTP is fine for me, but will be impractical for them.

    Any ideas…? Or is this ability unavailable all together for this plug in?

    sorry, not able to help at present – I have a club website to finish design and launch. Would be useful – but would need checks for empty directory etc else people will find their images have gone oops!
    If I get time I will look at it further and put another post here – or maybe the author might look for next update release?

    I appreciate your time!

    Being able to delete folder directories, with or without files in it, would be perfect! But I can also appreciate your other obligations :-

    If you are able to create something, that would be great. In the meantime, we can see if the author is able to also help out here quickly…?

    Thanks again, a huge help!

    Plugin Author aueda


    Simply deleting files or folders by using ftp client is not a good solution, because information of uploaded files are registered in the database. So you need to delete files in the standard file manager of wordpress.

    I’m implementing a feature of deleting EMPTY folders in the next version. So you’ll be able to delete everything by using standard media manager and this plugin.

    Thank you so much for the reply!

    When do you think the next update will be ready? Just so I know when to look for it 🙂

    Is it possible to also have the feature, or a separate feature, to delete the folder and its contents in one step/click? If myself or my client have to go through and delete tens of files in the File Manager first, and then delete the folder from the Media File Manager second, that might not be ideal. Most systems have the final warning box that pops up when you go to delete something that says, “Are you sure you want to delete this folder and its contents? Yes/No”. A feature that does it all in one click would be perfect!

    Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate you taking a look at this!

    Plugin Author aueda


    Today I updated the plugin. You can delete empty folders.

    The process of deleting files will be rather complicated. I’ll implement it when I have time.

    OK, thank you! I will update the plugin today and check it out.

    I understand how deleting folders with files in them can be more involved. I appreciate you also looking into updating that, when you have time.

    Thank you very much for the quick replies! Awesome plugin!

    Can I upload images directly into directories created with this plugin? Or do I have to upload files to the default folder (year/month), then locate them with this plugin and move to the desired folder?

    Plugin Author aueda


    You cannot upload images directly in the plugin screen. You have to do the latter things that you described.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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