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  • I uploaded a PNG using the inline editor in WP 2.0 and it seems to have boinked the DHTML interface to the image browser (i.e., LINK TO IMAGE, SEND TO EDITOR, etc. links don’t show up at all).

    New posts, with a new image uploaded seem to be fine. But as soon as I hit “Browse All” it falls over again (no DHTML menu).

    Now, without that menu how can I delete the image? I deleted it, perhaps foolishly, from the server, but it’s still linked in the DB and this is still making the DHTML not appear – so it may be something else of course.

    Sorry if this question exists somewhere else. The WP search engine seems to be having a bad day (a search on “Trackbacks” turned up nothing – I think it’s down. Or something).

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