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  • I am currently taking over management of a blog that has been heavily spammed. There is more than 10000 spam comments awaiting moderation and I cannot get the browser to load all of them for me to delete them. Is there any other way I can do that?

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  • chochem


    I figure you’ve solved you problem by now, but for future reference I’ll explain what I did.

    I figure that there is some way to get the ‘mass moderation’ to show more than 20 comments at a time (why is this not an option!?) but since I couldn’t find it, I went to work directly at the MySQL database where they’re stored. The exact details of how to get to it and how to edit it varies with the your host and the MySQL management tool they put at your disposal but going to your ‘control panel’ (from your web host account) and choosing ‘MySQL’ is probably right. My host uses the program PhpMyAdmin. I chose ‘Databases’ and then the only database I’m allowed which was simply called ‘web33767’ as this is my account name. From the list of various types of entries, find ‘blog_comments’ and choose ‘browse’. Now you’re looking at a large table of all the comments posted. You should have the option to show as many as you like at one time (e.g. 500) and to order it by any of the columns (e.g. ‘approved’ which has the value 0 for not approved and 1 for approved), check all and delete them by the boatload.

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