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    Today, after no apparent changes, my page views, admin operations, and generally all navigation in my blog ( takes 7-10 seconds to load the page. This happens not just to me, but for all users. I don’t believe that it is the web server or MySQL, since I have custom code on the same site, using custom tables in the blogs database, that respond almost immediately. I have no plug’ins that go to off-site services as far as I know, though it almost seems as though it might be going off-site and then timing out. Anyway, how does one go about debugging this type of issue? Any advise would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Rich

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    Test your IP at ultrahosting with ping, traceroute, etc: Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS

    Thanks, I checked that. Pings and traces real fast. In fact, if you go to (a php file on the same server with a query to the same mySQL database) it returns very quickly, but going to the WP site,, it takes a lot longer.

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    Must be plugins or javascript. You’ve got at least one instance of two identical scripts running in the header.

    Thanks for looking. I am not sure what is causing the duplicate javascript – I will have to look for that. However, I think I have the slow response time narrowed down to a plug-in called Social Access Control, and only on pages that have some sort of Post display (the Page display fast). When I deactivate Social Access Control, the response time is normal again. I will see if the Plug-in developer has any idea. I am going to mark this as resolved as it does not appear to be a core WP issue.

    Did you resolve this? Same problem. My host said it’s causing hundreds of sql queries before page load.

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