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  • Hi, I’m using Afterburner theme. I want to change read more button which is right now ‘Learn more’ to something else. How to do this? I don’t get any idea.
    Secondly, in my blog I want ‘comment button’ to appear in each post , but it doesn’t appear until you click on title or learn more button. Is there any way to solve this?
    Please help me out.
    thank you

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  • Looking at the link you gave the link itself has a class called ‘readon’ this is what you’d use for styling.

    However, do you wish to use styling or do you wish to actually change the content / what it does / where it is?

    If you want to actually change the link itself my guess (without knowing the theme) would be you go to the index.php page as the first port of call alternatively it may have a home.php.

    By default its ‘Learn more’ , if you have noticed in by posts. So i wanted to change this to something else.

    Another issue is that I want comment buttons too in each posts that doesn’t appear. comment form is seen only when when you click on ‘learn more’ button or title of the post.

    If you want to change the text you’d need to edit in the theme files (index.php, home.php… not sure what file structure you have).

    When you say you ‘want comment buttons’ do you want a button to link to each comments? From what you are saying you want comment on the front page? The theme seems set up to link to a single.php which has the comments form.

    You could ‘semi’ get around this with a low level edit adding a short link to the comments on that page ie (assumes your comment section is #comments or has an id that is comments):

    <?php comments_popup_link( __( '<span class="leave-reply">Comment</span>',), __( '1 Comment', __( '% Comments') ); ?>

    Or something like that. Whichever way you look at it you’re entering into template / file editing though.

    Opps its getting complicated now. I can’t figure it out

    It’s really not going to be so bad to resolve your learn more issue… just stick with it.

    So, in the wordpress admin, go to appearance, then editor, then on the right you’re going to see a ton of files that run everything on your site. You’re just going to have to find the right file where ‘learn more’ is contained and change it to ‘read more’ or whatever.

    Start with index.php, then just use your browser’s search (control f) and find “learn more” – if it’s not in index.php, just use your detective skills and try to find it in the other .php files. I guarantee you it’s in there somewhere and you just have to click ‘update’ when you have found it and want to change it to anything…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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