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  • I have a new interesting blog called “Making Your Internet Profits“. This blog is customized from scratch. I made the theme for it, added the plugins and the stylesheet. Now I need to know how to customize the function “wp_register”.

    I added this function in hope that people will register in my blog and to make the registration more effective I want to customize the “wp_register” function. I would like to add images instead of the plain “register” or “admin menu” links (or customize them with style.css so they would look different from my menu).

    I know how to customize these links in style.css, but how could I do this:
    Add 2 images to the links (register and admin (or user) panel). When the visitor wouldn’t be registered one image would appear (for example “register.png”) and when he would register and log in other images would appear (for example control panel.png).

    I hope to get support on this question, if it confuses you too much, please tell me just how can I customize the “wp_register” function, thanks.

    Josh Vojtkievic,

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