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  • Hi – thanks million for a quick easy-to-use plugin with clear instructions. I was looking at the popular ones (GC Testimonials & HMS Testimonials) and Ivycat AJAX Testimonials is by far the best for clear readme guide, and instantly doing what I need.

    How do I customize the Title? I’d like it ideally to appear like this:

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?> &mdash; <?php the_title(); ?>

    I tried doing that in testimonials-loop-template.php – first in theme’s main folder since plugin looks there first, then deleted it there and altered it in plugin’s folder. Either way it doesn’t work.

    Then I tried to keep title where it is (below post) but delete the cite, so it displays as font-style:normal. Tried deleting the cite in testimonials-loop-template.php. Doesn’t work. So tried to delete it in ivycat-ajax-testimonials.php – still doesn’t work. That was a disaster! Just by deleting the <cite> the same title appeared on every T post!

    The only thing I could customize was to right-align the “See All T’s” in ivycat-ajax-testimonials.php by adding css to the p as follows:

    <p style="text-align:right;"><a href="' . $all_url .'">See All Testimonials</a></p>

    How can I customize the title EITHER to display in same line as content OR to display as normal text in its own line? I want to do both and see which looks best.

    thanks! – Val

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  • Hi – also on the All Testimonials page in the dashboard, can you add the column to show which group the T belongs to? I see there is an excerpt option which would give an idea, but it’d be nice to instantly see which group someone belongs to


    I see that Posts show their Category on the All Posts page. If Testimonials could show their Group on the All Testimonials page then I could quickly see if I remembered to place it in a group or not.

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