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    First of all thank you very much for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin!

    I use version 4 Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and I can not customize the size of the thumbnails. They are always square and therefore it distorts my images.

    How do I set it to settle in 197×118?

    I saw you speak of “patterns personalization” but I do not understand how to implement and how to fix everything.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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  • Hi! I’m also interested on this!!!!

    The thumbnail size is something that I will make customizable in a future version. For now, you can use CSS styling in your theme to target the images in the yarpp output and make them the correct size.


    I notice that the thumbnail image you are taking is the FULL/Large image….
    Would be great if the image was actualy the THUMBNAIL size……then the page would load faster…..

    Is there a way I can change that?

    Thank you Micho by searching the code Yet Another Related Posts Plugin I could put the sizes I wanted.

    So I have another question, how do I set the number of words that appear in the image?

    @raonip oh no, you’re right. I’ll try to fix this in the next version… this is all based on WordPress’s builtin thumbnail handling, but maybe I called it incorrectly.

    @zirko, do you mean how much of the title is included? This is controlled completely by CSS… if you make that title section taller, more text will show up.

    Hi Mitcho!!! Thanks!!!!!

    Sorry Mitcho, I’m french so my english is probably not good.

    I mean the title of the article suggested is not complete, missing words.

    Is it possible to ensure that the full title is displayed in the image?

    Hi Zirko,
    You can change this CSS to show more Title:

    .yarpp-thumbnails-horizontal .yarpp-thumbnail-title {
    	max-height: inherit !important;

    @eaonip Thank you but it did not work. It’s all whack. I had to uninstall and reinstall.

    Hi there,

    thanks a lot for this great plugin!

    I too was very excited when I read that thumbnails were available horizontally, but, just like raonip, I too get huge images.
    From what you said later, though, I take it this is a bug and so you will be releasing for an amended file in due course. I really don’t like the idea of touching the css file:D:D

    Thanks again.

    Hi all,

    YARPP 4.0.1 beta 1 is here, and it makes it so appropriate size thumbnails are generated on the fly. I’ve only tested this with WP’s builtin thumbnail system, not with plugins like Jetpack’s Photon or others which use other methods to resize images, so if you use such plugins, I’d be curious if it works well.

    In addition, in this version I added a programmatic way to specify the thumbnail size. Add code like this to your theme’s functions.php: add_image_size( 'yarpp-thumbnail', $width, $height, true ); where width and height are integers. Make sure your default image is an image of appropriate size, for example in your theme.

    Let me know how that goes for you guys. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

    I tried adding that to my functions.php file as stated and once with values

    add_image_size( ‘yarpp-thumbnail’, ‘280px’, ‘150px’, true );

    I initially set it to display 8 related posts then 6. It seems that the first row will show 4 no matter what and if you use a rectangular dimension instead of a square, it will squeeze those four into what ever space is presented.

    Ergo no controls to set how many related posts should show up in a row, which then becomes the defacto total width divided by 4 for the images….

    Really, like the direction of where this is heading, just seems to need a slight bit more to really be stellar

    Hi there,

    I have just loaded the new version and yes I get thumbnails:), but they are in a column, not in a row.

    Here is what I see…
    (now I have gone back to the “normal” list)

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