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  • Hello. The blind have to use something called a screen reader, which renders the elements on a screen into speech. Things have really come a long way, I particularly enjoy using Safari with VoiceOver. Despite this, I still cannot seem to find a way to customize the sidebar. It says to drag and drop widgets, and a sighted friend had no problem doing this with the mouse. I tried simulating the behavior with VoiceOver, but it didn’t quite work. I remember finding a way to do this at one point, as I had it set up nicely once, but now I can’t seem to figure out how to place widgets in the sidebars without resorting to drag and drop, which I can’t. Does anyone know? Did a way used to exist which doesn’t anymore? When I activate the “widget.php” link before the appropriate widget, it does open the settings for the widget which I can change without difficulty. I just can’t move it into the sidebar. Thanks.

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