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  1. WillyMovieMan
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello World!

    I'll be as specific as possible:
    I have a website set up, with the products I'd like to display inserted (through Woocomerce). It's my company's website, so I can't post it for security reasons, unfortunately.
    I'm trying to make the ecommerce website with multiple portals - not accounts (b/c of cart issues that would result), just portals for different organizations. So, for instance, say I want to let organizations "A," "B," and "C" view the products. Each is provided with a passworded link on the home page. Once they enter, I have a lineup of products, say, a-z, that I want them to be able to browse, but I want the prices to be different for each: so, they all see products a-z, but with unique prices depending on which organization they are.

    Is this possible? (That is, without the help of an experienced programmer, which I am not - I can do a little, change a thing here or there, but not full-blown development)

    Apologies for the long-windedness, and thanks in advance for replies.

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