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  • Hi to everyone,

    A newbie here. I wil highly appreciate if anyone can help me on customizing/changing appearance of my theme, PLEASE.

    Recently I’ve started my WordPress 2.2 blog using Stardust v1.0 theme.

    I like to know, How can I:

    1, Change font type & size in “Post” text. I tried to find/change it in “stylesheet” but couldn’t find fonts for “Post” text

    2, Change “Italic” to non-italic titles in Sidebar and change name of titles in the Sidebar, like instead of “Meta” somethin else

    3, Move “Subscribe” section up from the bottom in the Sidebar and change it with colored icons for Technorati, Feedster, My Yahoo etc.

    4, Change the way “Categories” list appears in the Sidebar. Instead of displaying ALL categories, I like to display only selected ones & then put “More..” link to display/get rest of ’em

    5, Change color of “Text-1” in the side bar, i.e. text below my email: “”

    6, Display text/info, when a cursor is placed on a tab-bar/task-bar. Like, you get to see post/page title when a cursor is placed on a tab-bar/side-bar

    7, Change to 2.3.1 from 2.2.2 myself or do I have to ask my hosting company for that? Since they have one-click WordPress installation feature..(I’ve installed that way)
    “coz I don’t wanna end up loosing all posts/data, 🙂

    Thanks a million in advance. – TechLuver

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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