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  • Hi I wanna know:
    1. How to custom the slider? I wanna the slide to slide several Image and my woocommerce products? (the default can only slide 1 image right beside the post)
    2. How to add a text in the home page? I want my home page contains a welcome text and my recent blog and a slider
    3. I’m using the dark theme and my background is brown, now my title background is brown too (same as my overall background, its like the title background is transparent), how to change it?

    Thank you to anyone who help me on this 🙂

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  • Hi hausinformasi,

    first off, do you have a link to your site?
    that would make helping you much easier and better 🙂

    1.) Custom Homepage
    Make a Custom Homepage and List your latest posts and/or products:
    Read here:

    2.) The Slideshow Story
    You can setup to show your post type product in the homepage slider.
    When you edit your Custom Homepage, checkout the box at the bottom with Custom Community Slideshow settings.

    There you can setup to show post type “product” and even specific page IDs..

    3.) The Brown Title Problem
    Do you mean site title or page titles? Anyway, best would be a link 😉

    Thanks, let me know, Konrad


    might be some more help:

    Knowledge Base of Custom Community:


    Wow thank you mate for your answer it solve my troubles

    btw I found another:
    1. we can choose bubble for the recent post in the default home screen Home, but how can we use the bubble in the custom home screen? (make the recent post in a bubble)

    2. How to resize the header height without making my custom logo image cross with my menu? (if I make my header height smaller) the menu will get up but the logo is not moving at all making the logo cross with my menu

    3. in the link you gave it has a translation guide, but how can I make my site in to dual language? (there is an option for my member to choose), how to make that option and others appear near the default search button using customize button(ex: woocommerce cart, login link, etc)

    4. It’s a bit out from CC, but how to add a gtalk/Yahoo Messenger link? I saw in a couple of site that allow members to click the chat support with gtalk/YM, oh btw gtalk is being replace with hangout, is the thing still works? (I prefer gtalk over YM if both option is available)

    I got stuck again on the custom slider. What should I input in the slider menu (in theme settings) on the post type and the page id?

    If I want to input my product from woo commerce?

    And how to it? Ex 1st – 3rd slide is my woo commerce product, 4th is my specific promo blog post, 5th is one of my page, 6th is an image from my media.

    Thx for any answers 🙂

    hi hausinformasi,

    1. bubble style in custom homepage:
    -> sadly not possible..

    2. Header Height:
    please link to your site 😉

    3. translations/multilingual wordpress site:
    WPML is one of the most used plugins for translation (as far as I know):

    just google and find posts like this one:

    4. gtalk/YM -> Idea: just adding a text widget and some icons you made or purchased or whatever, and then link them via some html with the code to your gtalk or whatever..
    ** but I must say I never really used gtalk or YM by myself..

    5. Slider Problems: NOT the settings in the Theme Settings!
    Go and edit the page which is chosen as homepage.
    Then scroll down and find the Option Box with Custom Community Settings.
    Enter for post type “product” (without quotation marks)
    Enter for page IDs the IDs of the posts (the products), should look like something like this, 2-4 digit numbers: “61, 3891, 4045, 1189”

    But I think you cannot mix products AND blogposts etc. in your slider.. Try it!

    And please: send a link to your site.

    send a link to your site.

    send a link to your site.

    😉 Hope that helps, konrad

    In order to modify the Slideshow height and posts amount, you need to modify some files, within /themes/custom-community/ :

    -functions.php (news amount);
    -core/includes/helper-functions.php (also news amount; one of them means the fragments and the other the main slider window);
    -core/includes/theme-generator/style.php (the slider height is not directly accessed via the normal style.css);

    For example: change height from 250px to 374px and change amounts from 4 to 6. Voilà!

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    Thank you very much for all the answer 🙂
    I can’t give you the link mate, because my site in still in local (using xampp)

    Ok now the remaining problem is here:
    1. can I put just a couples of images in the CC slider? (i now using meta slider plugin to solve it, but it would be much cooler if I can use the CC slider, because it’s more beautiful and I don’t have to install another plugin)
    2. the question (about add login bar, woocommerce cart, and qtranslate switch) in the other thread (custom header thread), is answered, but I still find some problem…

    I’ve tried putting the widget in the header right but the look is not good (the basic widget is too big it basically ruin my header XD)

    I kinda want it something like this:
    loginbar: (
    woocommerce cart: ( + the $
    language switch (

    i found the no 2 with a plugin (, but is there a way beside a plugin?
    i’ve check sliding login panel, it’s a plugin right?
    the lick said that the plugin hasn’t been update for 2 years?

    thanky for all of the answer, you guys are the greatest 🙂

    hi hausinformasi,

    if you build your slider yourself, you can make one without links, then you have the image slider (just needs some posts with just a featured image in it, but they will not be linked, you can hide the category on your site or something..)

    or.. just install a plugin and tryout until you find a nice image slider for your site..

    there should be some really really cool image sliders with animation functions and so on. so the text drops in and some image flys in from the right or something..

    the sliding login panel: you should just modify the code and make it working for you.

    language switch: no idea.. 😕

    for the header widget try this CSS and add it to the CSS overwrite section of the theme.

    Go to THEME SETTINGS -> CSS and add this (and modify):

    div#header .widgetarea { width: 25%; }

    hope that helps, konrad

    wow konrad you rock man 🙂
    may god give his blessing to you for helping us here mate 😉

    I’m gonna tried those things at home mate thanks alot mate for your support

    nice! resolved stuff feels good! 🙂 let me know, cheers, konrad

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