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  • I’ve got a question about the scripts in wp generally. They are crunched! With which editor do you guys do that?

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  • Crunched? Did I miss something? O.o
    I use Zend Studio if that helps…

    Ok, maby a little fague (how do you spell that?)
    This is what i mean: its my wp-comments.php:
    Thanx, ill try zend studio

    Oh I see now… what you need is an editor that have proper PHP highlighting.
    There are really many of them and I wont start a discussion here what’s best etc because we all different and all have different tastes. But I would recommend Zend Studio, Dreamweaver, AceHTML Pro, UltraEdit. There are more of them, you can try your luck on 🙂

    Looks like Notepad on Windows, which usually chokes like that on *nix files. It doesn’t do the linebreaks correctly.
    FWIW, I use TextPad.

    This is actually an ASCII encoded file opened in an editor (such as Notepad) which only supports ANSI encoded files. The little squares you see in the image would be line breaks. Wordpad is able to handle both ANSI and ASCII files.

    Thanx everyone. It isn’t vague anymore now. 😛 (And i really like syn!)
    Another question: does it make any difference in the size of the file?

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    Since everyone is volunteering the information anyway, I started a favorite PHP editor thread and once everyone chips in I’d like to add some of the information into the documentation.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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