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    I want to create a wordpress One page/landing page theme but not able to find a tutorial for that.

    Basically, i want to know how to create a front page where we show services, features, testimonials etc. and provide options to customize that.

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  • ChristiNi


    Hi Mohit,

    If you want to develop your own theme, make sure you are comfortable with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and at least a little PHP. Take a look at these resources from the Codex:

    A good starter theme for theme development is underscores (aka _s).

    Starting with underscores, you would then add the necessary code to create separate blocks of content and maybe even add some Javascript to add some nice animations to the scrolling of your page, like:

    Parallax Scrolling Tutorials

    I also found a WordPress plugin that let’s you easily create animated page scrolling effects: Page scroll to id

    One final plugin I would suggest so you can have separate blocks in the editor for adding content, that can then be easily displayed in your theme is Advanced Custom Fields.

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you very much for listing all these resources. BTW, sorry for late reply.

    What is your opinion on using Theme customizer for editing content and styling. I don’t want to use Theme options framework and _s devs also recommend using Theme customizer instead of options framework.

    Hi Mohit,

    I’m honestly more experienced with design, HTML, and CSS coding than I am with creating a theme from scratch. I’m usually either editing CSS in a completely custom theme (created in house by a co-worker) or using a custom CSS plugin (if my chosen theme doesn’t have that as an option by default). That being said, I would go with what the _s devs say. The Automattic team (the fine folks behind _s) is definitely a group of WordPress experts 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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