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  • I have used millions of search terms and have spent countless hours trying to get this to work perfectly. This is what I’m looking for: I have created a theme almost exactly to NetJets. This is of course ideally what I’m looking for: Menu is on the right. See how it scrolls when you move up and down the page? It uses page anchors for when you click on a link. I’ve tried the position: fixed crap but if you zoom in or out it moves all over the place, css left and top positioning doesn’t make it any better. Putting the menu in it’s own side div doesn’t work. Nothing works!! Plus, if I do get it to work to some degree using java or j-query its only on the computer but on a mobile device it disappears. Or even still positions over my “main” content. The only thing has come close to working as a plugin is: CodeFlavors floating menu. Problem is I can’t position it from the far edge of the screen, and I don’t want it at the very top either. Also, the plugin only works as the main primary menu for the entire site. I can’t have separate menus for each page. This also uses the top and left positioning. As I say, the page I’m working on resembles the net jets page entirely. Also, if you try that net jets page on your phone it remains stationary. Strange, but I guess I could deal with that as long as it scrolls on a computer. PLEASE!! I truly need a genius!!!!! Thank you in advance!

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