How to create User Groups and put them in different newsletter lists? (1 post)

  1. johnzhel
    Posted 4 years ago #

    How can I do the following with WordPress´╝č

    1. I want to divide my users in different groups. When they sign up, they will be shown different sign up pages with different profile information fields.

    Such as: vegetarian click here to create an account; meat lover click here to create an account. Each "click here" link will direct people to a specific sign up page. For vegetarian users, their sign up sheet will be like:
    Name, email, blabla...(typical stuffs) and then
    How long you have been a vegetarian:
    Your top 5 vegetarian dishes:

    For meat lover users, their sign up sheet will be different.

    2. Once they sign up, their contact info (name, email) will be automatically submit to different email newsletter lists automatically. (off course, they first need to check a box during the sign up sheet to opt in to a newsletter list).

    3. Once they log in, different user groups will see their own profile fields (same or similar to the sign up sheet). In other words, they will not see the profile fields set up for other user groups.

    4. I can create as many user groups as needed.

    Is there any plugin(s) that can achieve this?

    Thank you for your time reading my questions :)

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