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    I have searched but can’t find an answer. I am using Graph Paper Press Albedo, site is There is no “home page” for my site in the pages section and I had to create a Custom Link pointing to and label it Home and add it to a Custom Menu in order to have the link “Home” appear on my main menu. However, now I want to make this “Home” page as the Static home page and have a link that says “Blog” as my blog. When i go to Settings -> Reading and then click on the drop down list for Static Page “Home” does not appear, I suppose this is due to being a Custom Link. So I can’t create a “Blog” page due to not being able to choose an option in the Static Page drop down, my Blog page is a mirror of my home page. So, how do I create a proper “Home” landing page that is listed in the Pages section as opposed to a Custom Link?
    Many thanks

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    What you want to do is

    1- go to your menu and delete the home custom link

    2 – go to pages and create 2 new pages, home and blog

    3 – go to settings > reading and select static front page, choose home for your home and blog for your blog.

    Hope that helps

    HI Christine, thanks for the quick reply. However, I have done that 3 or 4 times now, deleting and rebuilding. All i get under the Home link is a blank page on the Home page and my “home” page shows up on the Blog page. Even though I have put them in the proper place… Here are a couple of screen grabs. I wonder if this is an issue with Graph Paper Press?

    Christine, I am having the same trouble as mikeveitch. “… All i get under the Home link is a blank page on the Home page and my “home” page shows up on the Blog page.”

    do you have any questions I might answer to help you troubleshoot this issue further?

    Christine Rondeau


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    @mikeveitch if you think that the issue is the theme, I would suggest that you switch to Twenty Twelve and see if there’s a difference there.

    @malcolm.jr please start a new thread, provide a few more details and a link to your site.

    HI Christine, thanks for the answer. I switched over to Twenty Twelve and gave it a shot and still have the same issue. When I create a Home link and add it to the menu and mark it as the “static page” I just get a blank page that says Home at the top with a “leave a comment” box. My Landing Page that I created in the Albedo theme just doesn’t seem to have a “page reference” that will show up in the drop down list to allow me to choose it as the “Static page”, a custom link also doesn’t show up in that drop down list.. I can make it the landing page and refer to it as “home” by making a custom link for the menu bar and leaving the “static page” blank. But, then it also becomes the blog page as well. Surely there must be some way to nominate this Landing page as the Static page and I am missing something simple.. but I can’t figure out what

    Ok, I have removed “home” page in the Pages section and then in the Static Pages I have not created a Static Page for a front page or nominated a blog page, instead I have not picked either but left them blank. I once again created a custom link pointed to and called it Home and then just created a normal page called Blog. For some reason it now works.. Home goes to my Front Page and Blog goes to my Blog. For some reason trying to use a “Static Page” in this theme does not work. Maybe this is true with all Graph Paper Press themes? I am not sure, but its that way with Albedo. Seems counterintuitive to me.. but, now it works. So, if anyone is having this same issue, simple resolution is don’t try to create a “Static Page” structure…

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