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  • santy143all


    i want to have my page speed faster hence please anyone help me that how to create sprites of images in wordpress and wat are the main component that are required

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  • Max


    Sprites are nothing other than combining all your images into one single large image by tiling them. You can do this in photoshop or a similar picture editor quite simply:

    Your CSS gets a little picky as you want to be sure that the element you apply the sprite too clips in a way that the rest of the sprite does not show else it will look weird.

    Here is an example of a sprite that I use on one of the sites I built:


    If you google a bit, you can actually find generators that will take the images on a page, combine them, and spit out some css for you

    You can pick and choose what images to include, etc. I had some success on another site doing that, unfortunately I forget which service worked best – I did try quite a few if I recall

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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