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    Hi again everyone,

    I am wondering how can I make mobile support for my theme. So what I would I like to do is not entirely new theme, just somehow mobile theme inside this theme, if you understand?

    If someone visits page on mobile phone or tablet, it will have different look for theme which I would style of course.


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  • The WPtouch plugin will do it pretty simply:

    A full responsive design will take more work. Responsive sites are the ones that look different on a phone or tablet. Smashing Magazine has all kinds of info:

    Yea this plugin is nice, but its just what I do not want. I dont wanna plugins for this. Do you maybe know any other solution for this?

    I did found tutorial on how to create a nice and simple mobile theme, but again its complete theme. I would like something that’s included in my theme and then when someone with mobile phone or tablet visits it just changes the look of it?

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    Are you CSS literate?

    I’m sorry but I dont understand what you mean :/

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    You could use media queries within your theme, manually, but this would require knowledge of CSS.

    oh, I know a “bit” of css but did not know about this. Do you think this would be a good method for developing mobile theme?

    It would be better if you use plugins than creating your own unless you
    have any deadlines.
    Creating your own is nice and fun but it will eat all your time.
    If your on hurry and don’t have specific styles for your mobile, just use plugins.
    But if your meticulous and willing to have its own and can provide,
    well you can work with css and media queries.

    CSS media queries are currently the cleanest method for making a mobile-friendly theme. By inserting a media query into your main theme stylesheet, you can call separate styling for mobile devices. There are several formulations, but media queries generally look like: “@media screen and (max-width: 699px) and (min-width: 520px) {CSS STYLE HERE}” . I personally prefer to use a query to @import a whole separate stylesheet for the predetermined screen size.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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