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  • Hey guys,

    ATM I’m experiencing some troubles with creating a menu.

    This is the problem:
    My website has several categories such as A, B, C, D, E, and F.

    On top of my website I have a menu which has several items in there: Home, Contact us, etc.

    I want to create another item in that menu, but that item can only show posts with categories A, C and F! How do I create such a thing?

    The only possibility I see is giving posts A, C and F the same categorie such as “ACF”, but I don’t want to do that, because I got enough categories already.

    I really hope I explained my problem good enough… Even I think it’s difficult to explain, can’t google it even tho I tried. Hope you guys can help me out.

    Kindest regards,

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  • Have you solved this problem?

    I believe you can use a Custom Link in your menu. Use something like this for the URL:,C,F/
    and whatever you want for the Label.

    This may need to be modified to fit your permalink structure. You can test the URL by entering it in the address bar of your browser until you find what works.

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