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  • For that menu, you need to use the “Child Menu” page template, which you select on the right side when you create a page. For it to display correctly, the pages needs to be threaded properly as parent, child and grandchild.

    visit , I did that but is not showing the siderbar menu, can you help

    All your sub-pages needs to have the home page as parent page in order for that to work. In the WordPress admin list it would look like:

    – Page 2
    – Page 3
    — Page 4
    — Page 5


    it worked! But can I be able to activate slider in the static page? because I have set to start with homepage, please help me to set the slider

    I would ask you to look for support threads asking this question, as I’ve answered it at least once before and it involves quite a bit of code changes. I can’t find the thread currently.

    Hi Hueman Community

    I would like to have also Child menu as Default Menu in left sidebar.
    So i need Homepage (with posts) to be as Parent page.

    I did found support threads as following, but not with code changes quide…

    Can somebody to find the previous answer to this question.
    Or is it better to have this working with extra Widget like




    I am also trying to figure out how to create a child menu in the sidebar.

    What I have achieved now you can see here:

    My question is: How can I add more pages to the child menu on the left side?

    I have defined now a parent attribute called “Impressum”

    But how can I add children pages and grandchildren pages?

    I have created a menu which I have placed in a sidebar widget. This is the menu below the “test”-menu. How can I move the pages from the widget menu into the child menu?

    Thanks to everybody for help!


    Moderator bdbrown


    I did a little testing and this seemed to work.

    On your Home page:
    Template = Child Menu
    Page Options
    Primary Sidebar = Primary
    Layout = one of the layouts that has a left sidebar

    On each page that you want to show up in the sidebar “child” menu:
    Parent = Home
    Template = Child Menu
    Order = sequence in which you want the page listed in the menu
    Page Options
    Primary Sidebar = Primary
    Layout = one of the layouts that has a left sidebar

    Thank you very much bdbrown.

    This was really helpful. I think I got the idea.

    Have a good weekend

    Hello bdbrown,

    I have now created the sidebar. If you have time please take a look here:

    For this page I have used the child-menu.php and gave it a new name like child-menu-neu.php and I was able to create this menu.

    But now I want to go a step further and I want to use a different child-menu-template. So what I did was to copy child-menu-neu.php and gave it a new name child-menu-market-watch.php

    But when I choose child-menu-market-watch.php from my templates then the child menu has disappered completely as you can see here.

    This is something I don’t understand because child-menu-neu.php and child-menu-market-watch.php are identical templates.

    Do you have any idea what I made wrong or what could be the reason for this?

    I really hope so..

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    And thank you very much for your help.


    Moderator bdbrown


    Trying to follow what you did so could you answer a few questions please.

    You said, “I have used the child-menu.php and gave it a new name child-menu-neu.php”.
    Did you rename the child-menu.php file in the parent theme page-templates subfolder?
    Or did you copy the file to your child theme folder and then rename it?
    Did you make any changes to the “neu.php” file?
    When you selected the page template, did you select “Child Menu” or something else?

    Then you said you copied “child-menu-neu.php and gave it a new name child-menu-market-watch.php”.
    Where is the “market-watch.php” file located?
    Did you make any changes to this file?
    You said, “when I choose child-menu-market-watch.php from my templates”. What exactly was the name you selected in the template list?


    Thank you very much for your questions, which are very helpful.

    But it could be easier if you advise me please:

    This is my current child-menu with a template calles child-menu-neu.php

    Also the grandchild pages have the template child-menu-neu.php

    For the next step I would like to have a different template for the grandchild pages.

    Could you please help me and tell me which are the next steps I have to do in order to achieve this.

    Thank you very much


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    I am sorry, but you need to continue this on your own thread.

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