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  • Hello there… I’m doing a website using the WP system. I’m trying to make it looks like more a ‘site’ than a blog.

    The question is… I’ll be using a lot of articles in this site, and how to make a NICE navigation to manager the “article’s pages” ?!?

    Like… both links as “next page >>” and “<< previous page”… and also, if possible an “select” with the all pages etc…

    Does anybody knows if is there a GOOD plugin for that?!


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  • Check this article out: Styling Page Links

    Thanks HandySolo!

    In this time I also tried to find something with that “combobox” (select in html) and I found something kind interesting… It got the select with “Page 1” and so… But I was thinking in like, have the select with a “page name” and not only the number of the page.

    Maybe is there a way to make it using the “custom_fields” of WP system, right?

    But the prob is… the new version of this plugin, which brings this select (combobox), is not ready yet, he got only screens for now, look:


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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