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    I am quite happy with using the page “About” as a static front page.

    I’ve run into a snag. I would like to direct my readers to all the posts. I know they can reach them through the sidebar but that either directs them to categories or individual posts. I would just like the regular post section to open.

    Is there a way to do this?

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  • I’ve got the same question!!

    And I have the same question for both of you: Did you assign a Page to display your blog entires? (in the same place where you have set up your About Page as home)

    No but what good would that do? I want a link that I can insert in the static “About” page which will direct them to all the posts. I don’t need yet another Page.

    What I want is a link that says “Enter” which, when clicked, opens up the place where all the posts are.

    but what good would that do?
    It would give you a target for your link…

    I guess I’m just not understanding you. Is there no way to do this in the About page that is already created?

    Do what? Yes, you do not understand it.
    By selecting any Page (be it your About Page) you override the default WP behaviour: i.e. to show your blog posts on the index.php as your main/home page.
    Of course you can insert a link into your About Page to point to where your posts are/should be displayed… you just have to define WHERE will they be displayed, since pointing to the index it will always redirect you to your About Page. Hence you need to assign a Page (titled blog or news or whatever) for displaying the posts.

    Oh, I am really a slow learner. Any chance for an example?
    Does that mean, I create a Page which contains all my posts?
    So, now I’ve created a new Page called Enter. Now what?

    In admin > Options > Reading you may want to set that Page as displaying your blog posts. You just create the Page and assing it as the “display” for your posts and WP does the rest. Then you will have a link to it, which you can include in your About Page’s text.

    OK, that worked. Now, is there any way to have that happen without having to click on a separate page?
    Check it out:

    There is a separate page named “Enter”. Is there some way I could have that integrated into the “About” page? Like, after my blurb to have the link “Enter” and, voila, you’re in the posts.

    Next thing I have to tackle is the AdSense problem. Having smelly and sweattie ads beside my food is most unappetising, wouldn’t you say?

    Hi Moshu, if you’re still there. If you look at my page
    you will see at the bottom of the “About” page that I tried to add a link. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work but that’s where I’d like it to be. I’d like to be able to click on it to get to the Enter page and, therefore, the posts. For the life of me I can’t figure out the coding to make it happen.

    Code it to use this url:

    OK Monshu and whoever else is reading this. I got it to work my way by doing this:
    I wanted to be able to click on a link right from the About page, to take me to all the posts.
    To do this, I went into Options/Reading then Front Page displays and I clicked static page.
    Next I created an additional Page and named it Enter. There is nothing in this page, just a title.
    Next, I went back to Options/Reading and clicked for Posts Page, Enter. Good, that created a Page for the posts but I wanted to be able to click on the link from my “About” page so I clicked on “Enter”, noted the Permalink in the address bar, copied it. Then I went back into the About page in the coding section and pasted this link, which in my case is:
    To view posts click Here

    That gave me the link I was after.

    Awesome. Good to see it all sorted out — and thanks for posting the followup. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for you help.

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