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  • Hello everyone!

    Could you please give me some info, links atc. on how to create wordpress export file for my plugin.
    Wordpress has it’s post, pages export and i want to create the same export file (so there would be choise of exporting all content (pages,posts,my plugin) or just my plugin ).
    So what i need to know is how to create it ? what should i write on php ?.. everithing from 0..


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  • That’s pretty far beyond the scope of this forum and very unspecific. What exactly are you trying to do with your plugin? Create a backup plugin? What would your plugin be exporting? Files? Database entries?

    Do u know Advanced Custom Fields plugin. There i can export (creates xml file) all data (of what fields i have created, their name atc. )
    My plugin will be exporting the custum database tables.
    I’m creating users plugin.
    So I want there to be 3 options:
    1- export registration fields
    2- users + users posts (images, text atc.)
    3- export registration fields + users + users posts (images, text atc.)
    and export all (post, pages, menus, registration fields + users + users posts atc.)
    I’m bad in English so forgive me.. is it clear now ?

    Sure, I follow. But, I mean, that’s not a quick code fix someone can offer to help you with on the forum. How do you think other people write plugins? I know I just sit down and write.

    I don’t believe much of anything I’ve written that’s more than a couple dozen lines “just worked” out of the box. There’s always at least some troubleshooting, some typos, etc.

    Give it a shot, let us know what you come up with and where you’re struggling. People on here will be very happy to help you with specific problems. But I can’t just give you a 100+ lines of code (probably a lot more) that does exactly what you want.

    oh.. i don’t need a code.. i need some link on WP docs or on some othere web so i could find info about how it’s done.. I don’t know where and from what to begin..
    for example it would be hallpfull for me if someone give a link on “how does wordpress creates export xml file” .. or “how to create custom xml export file for wordpress”..
    I just need some info to begin with, the code i’ll write by myself..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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