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  • hi, i’m making my first wordpress site for a wine broker and i need to create a post type called wineries which has fields for title, body, a logo thumbnail, pdf attachments of tasting notes that will list on the winery post, a field for a link to the wineries website and pdf attachments of press articles which also lists on the post. then i need the posts to appear on a page called portfolio. i think i can do that last part with the query wrangler plugin but i’m having a hell of a time finding a plugin that creates custom post types with the fields i want displaying links to the files/ a thumbnail. ive been through the custom content type manager plugin, WCK – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator plugin, and now the custom post types ui and none of them seem to be able to do this without me writing a bunch of php which i don’t know. i’ve been using drupal for years so i thought the ability to do these kinds of things was pretty basic. i would have used drupal because i don’t know wp but my client wanted wordpress.

    right now ive got the custom post types ui plugin and acf custom fields plugin but when i attach a pdf and publish the post, it isn’t visible.

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  • Why not code them the long way? Without the plugin? You can also try

    They’re awesome for a starting point. It’ll get you on the road to creating what you need. You can easily google ‘add custom field to custom post type.’ I’ve tried plugins and it didn’t work out for me.

    there’s also something called wp-filebase or file manager. It’ll help you with PDF attachments, if you need it.

    If you need a custom meta box, you can visit here

    cut and paste the code, then tweek till your hearts content. It works.

    or that.

    I’m struggling with the same issue and nobody has posted on any of my stuff so far, but the stuff I’ve found may help you. =)

    thank you very much. i generally prefer to do things the short way if possible, especially since i don’t know php. i’m about to hire some guy to teach me because unlike drupal it seems there’s no getting around writing some php if you want to get wp to “do stuff”. someone else told me that the reason the files from my fields weren’t showing up was possibly because they have to be manually added to my theme so i’m figuring that out now.

    you say you’re struggling with the same issue? getting files from a custom post type with custom fields to show up?

    i decided to revisit the custom content types manager as they have the adding custom fields functionality included and they give you the code to make a php theme template page but when you make the post and try to add the logo it gives the error “The CCTM plugin was unable to determine the ID of the related item. Avoid using alternate sizes of images” the pdf’s seem to attach fine but the resulting post page just says “array” instead of listing the file (if there is only one) if theres multiples it outputs a number. completely useless. i’m about three seconds from ripping the whole thing down and installing drupal. i know exactly how to do all that with drupal without writing any code. i though wp was supposed to be easier?

    …but i didn’t.

    following these instructions fun with advanced custom fields i put `<a href=”<?php $image = get_field(‘logo_image’); echo($image[‘sizes’][‘large’]); ?>”>
    <img class=”logo_img” alt=”logo” src=”<?php $image = get_field(‘logo_image’); echo($image[‘sizes’][‘medium’]); ?>” />
    </a><br />
    <?php the_field(‘winery_website’); ?><br />
    <?php the_field(‘tasting_notes’); ?><br />
    <?php the_field(‘press_articles’); ?><br />` in content.php of my 2012 theme at the bottom of the entry-content div
    the image looks good but the other fields just print out the file path and i need them to list linked titles, so thats where i’m at now.

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