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  • I’m having the same issue with defining capabilities – I can create a new “capability” in Role Manager, but that’s just a name. How do I specify what it means?

    I’m trying to allow my sole editor user to edit which widgets appear in the sidebar, without giving her permission to switch or edit themes.


    I still don’t know how to edit custom capabilities (anyone?) but I did solve my issue of allowing editors to control widgets. Using the Role Manager plugin, I changed the settings so the Editor role could “switch themes”. Then, using the Adminimize plugin, I hid the Themes and Themes-Editor pages so they don’t show up in the Appearance menu for the Editor role. Editors can still get to those pages if they know the direct URL, but it doesn’t show up in the menu which is good enough for me. (I only have one user. <g>)

    I’m trying to figure this out too, but for a different reason. I want to restrict authors to edit certain pages and certain post categories.

    I think we need to use another plugin along with Role Manager, one that can access those custom capabilities. This doesn’t seem at all obvious, though. Anyone?

    Yes, could someone pleeease post some demo code on adding capabilities to a plugin?
    if ( current_user_can(‘my_action’))
    inserted before the add_action will hide the plugin link in the Manage/Tool menu but there is no relationship between that and the My Action capability created in Role Manager. The hazards of being a non-coder…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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