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  • Hi. I have searched through the previous postings to find an answer to my question, but no luck so far. I am fairly new to WP, so if there is already an answer sorry for waisting your time.
    I just launched my blog: and wrote my first post. Naturally, it is appearing in the month of June 2006. However, I have articles dating from 1998. Is it possible for me to start my archives from the year 1998? If yes, how am I going to specify which month it belongs to after I am done uploading the article? Is there a plug in for this?
    I can post my archive.php if it would help to show me what to insert to which line.
    Many thanks in advance!

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  • I have articles dating from 1998

    Where? In this blog?
    And what do you mean by “uploading”? Making them a post in the blog? Manually?

    No I have not entered them yet. They are in a Word document. Because if I do, they will be listed in the June 2006 archive. By uploading, yes I meant making them a post in the blog (yes manually). If I enter an article that was originally published in 1998 January, I want it to appear in 1998 January under Archive. But since I launched my blog today, the starting point is June 2006…
    I hope this explanation is clear enough. Many thanks for your help.

    While in the post editor, look over to the right column for the “Timestamp” section (you may have to hit the little white + to expand it).

    Check the box, set the date and time. 🙂

    You must be kidding me. I am an idiot! How easy is that? Thank you.

    Lol. Sometimes we need the obvious to smack us =)

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