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  • I’ve searched around and tried things, had a look at a few tutorials, but I’m afraid I’m confused.

    What I want to do on my page project22:

    1. create a Custom Post Type (CPT) called ‘project’
    2. I spontaneously want to be able to create a new project, just like a post.
    3. Then I want to be able to create posts and choose whether it belongs to any of the created ‘projects’ or whether it is a normal post.
    4. next: I want my main ‘stream’ of posts to contain all types of posts: projects, posts and posts that belong to any project
    5. there will be one page/view that lists all active ‘projects’, maybe with a number stating the amount of posts belonging to that project
    6. on the single page of any project I want to display the ‘project’ post (and all related information+++) on top and the list of posts below, that belong to this specific project.

    I hope you can see, what I want do. I’m excited about Custom Post Types, but confused about all the options, like Portfolios, Custom Taxonomies, Categories, Post Types etc.
    And I haven’t yet found, what totally covers my needs .. i.e. Categories.

    So, can you someone help me out a little, how to start this, where and what to look for?
    THANKS very much!!!

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  • trying to describe it in one sentence:
    I want to create custom post types called “projects” that can have unlimited sub-posts/children posts.

    Anyone has any ideas?
    Would be great, thank you!!!

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