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  • Hi Vajrasar. Could you please assist me?

    My client want a about us page in his website and he want a admin panel for the about us page. so that, he can add new members in his about us page.

    Function he want that, he want to show his team member profile on about us page. He wants that, I provide him a admin panel where he can add new members using submit data using a form or he delete data using a form.

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  • Subrata Sarkar


    To my understanding you need a custom meta_box field for user edit page and store the information in a meta field e.g. show_on_about_page

    If the checkbox is selected user’s info will appear on about us.

    And yes, you need to create a separate about-us page for this purpose and loop through users to retrieve those who have show_on_about_page meta value set to TRUE.

    Hope this helps.

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