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  • Hi everybody,

    I hope someone can help me with this, and please bear with my explanation. I am creating a WP site for a psychologist client. There will be three blog pages (using category-specific loops) and some secondary content; these sections are easy. Here’s the problem: client wants to have several areas related to specific disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.). Each area would have a short intro/discussion, but the main part would be exercises that people with that condition could do on their own. Here’s a summary of how this would work:

    1. User goes to subject area (for example, depression) and decides to take the first exercise (there will be several exercises for each subject). This sends them to a payment gateway (probably PayPal) where they pay $10. Once they have paid, they are sent to the exercise (call it Depression Exercise 1). The exercise consists of questions/statements that the person writes answers to (there is no “correct” answer).

    2. Once the user has finished the exercise, their answers need to be posted in some kind of discussion group or forum that exists just for that specific exercise. Other people who have completed that exercise can see these answers and comment on them. This forms what the client thinks will be a self-generating discussion/support group. Only people who have done that exercise will have access to this forum (for example, people who have completed Depression Exercise 2 will not be able to see the responses of the Depression Exercise 3 group).

    3. There will probably be about 12-15 exercises in all (4-5 per subject area). Each exercise will be $10.

    Here’s what I would like: once someone pays for an exercise, they automatically are sent to/get access to it, and when they’re done, their answers automatically go to the correct discussion area. I really want to avoid the client having to do anything, like sending passwords to users.

    I’ve been looking into bbPress, phpBB, and BuddyPress as possible solutions, but I don’t have any experience with these, so I’m not sure either would do what I want. Can I do this with just WP? I am planning on using an e-commerce plugin to handle the payments. I also may need a plugin to present the questions for each exercise. The sequence of events is: pay for an exercise, get access to it, complete it, and have the responses automatically posted to a restricted section or forum. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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