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  • I recently went through the hell of trying to activate a WordPress 3.0 Multisite Network on a Windows server using sub-directories and thought I would share my findings. There’s a lot of really great information on these forums and elsewhere, but I couldn’t find much aggregated direction. Hopefully this will help someone out there.

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    SWEET! I put a link up on for the Windows people.

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    This will help loads of people, as I haven’t worked with Windows servers myself. At all.

    I was able to get everything described to work – but have found that I can’t reference any images that I upload.

    I can uploaded the images no problem – but the files don’t appear at the addresses that WordPress is looking for them (but I can fine the physical files on the server). For instance the file appears to be here: xxxxx/files/2010/08/xxxx.jpg but when I go to that URL nothing appears. I’m guessing something with the URL rewritting isn’t working for me.

    Did you experience a similar problem?


    Hey Mrgreen09, I did experience this and wondered if others would as well. I fussed with it for hours and here’s how I ended up fixing it:

    Under Super Admin, go to Sites and “edit” your secondary blog (is your primary blog’s uploading functionality still working fine?).

    Make sure your “Home” field is:

    Your upload path is:

    Your upload URL path is:

    Your FileUpload URL path is:

    Then, I went back to the “Network” link under Tools, copied the web.config info again and pasted it back into my web.config file and that fixed it. Even after I made the changes to my upload URLs, the paths didn’t work until I copied and pasted the web.config info over again. Of course, this makes zero sense because the web.config code I started with and the web.config I ended up with are EXACTLY the same, but I’m chalking it up to internet magic.

    Give it a try and if that works, I’ll include this in my tutorial even though it’s not very scientific.


    I am experiencing the same thing. After fiddling around in wp-config.php and .htaccess over and over again I suddenly realized that it might be something completely different.

    Is your webhost using a caching mechanism or proxying your webtraffic?

    I am running Nginx for example to handle al static content (this includes .jpg files I was uploading) and leave apache/php to handle everything dynamic.

    because the request for the static file (.jpg) is handled before apache is called by nginx it does not access the .htaccess file and thus, does not access the rewrites.
    I have been thinking this over and am NOW going to test whether this is true 🙂 will report back later!

    reporting back;
    removing jpg from nginx static serving solved the issue!

    in my nginx config there are the following lines:

    if (-f $request_filename) {

    making sure that the requests are served when the match type contains an extension (array of items) and does so when the request_filename exists in the filesystem.

    Don’t know if this might solve your issue but bet its a commonly overlooked thing. Might double check this if you are using nginx/lighttpd/varnish or other webserver/http proxies.

    good luck!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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