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How to create a website for two businesses

  • Dear WP community members,

    Please spare a few minutes to help me out with the following. But before I start let me first emphasize that my experience with WP is limited to the content management side, and apart from fixing bugs with an elaborate ‘How to’, I´m a complete novice when it comes to programming.

    Here´s my case: I´m working on my website anachoreo.com hosted by hostmonster, installed wordpress and got the site up and running. But it is far from what it would have to look like, and changing themes will not do.

    When someone lands on my website, I´d like to have screen where they can choose between Hotel Anachoreo and Anachoreo Finance. These are two different sides of my business, so I suppose (first question) that I would have to create a network as in: http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network ? If yes, if so, where can I find the ‘How to create a WP network for dummies?’

    If not, what is the alternative route to get what I want?

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  • Only if you want those two sites to be totally separate (like different domains, different web pages, etc etc).

    No, they don´t need to be totally separate from back-end perspective. They need to be separate for the visitor after he chooses to enter either ‘finance’ or ‘hotel’.

    Here´s an exemple of what I want: http://www.grupopanlux.com/

    Only in my case it can run on the same domain as separate pages: for exemple anachoreo.com/finance and anachoreo.com/hotel

    You can do that as either Pages (make a page called Hotel and one called Finance) or as a Custom Post-Type, where you have one for Hotel and one for Finance.

    But no, you don’t need to use MultiSite for this unless you really want two separate sites 🙂

    Right now I´m experimenting with the CMS solution. As you suggest a static home page with sub page finance and hotel. The thing is; once you are in the finance section the menu should only display sub categories from there on, same for hotel. As in the example http://www.grupopanlux.com/ i want to redirect my visitors to distinctly different sections of my site. I don´t see how the menu can change with the page, but maybe I can find a theme that does that… Any help is appreciated

    You can do it with CPTs, but you’d need to tweak your header.php to go ‘If post type is hotel, show this menu…’



    Thanks Ipstenu,

    I know this topic is four months old, but perhaps you or another forum could elaborate a bit or post a helpful. Pleas view http://www.anachoreo.com

    So if a visiter enters the ‘hotel’ section, I like to hide ‘finance’ from the menu. What code do I add to the header file?

    If what I’m asking for would take too much time to explain on a forum, let me know.



    Oh and in case you’re wondering why four months delay: construction of our building got delailed, hence no need for a website. Now we’re almost ready to open 🙂

    Anachoreo, I would make a new topic for that question. If you’re not using Multisite the code’s different.

    I’d post this in the themes section 🙂



    Thanks for the suggestion, folluw up topic is here

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