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    I would make a table of sorts

    would be of course in a box like that above link

    Band / Title / Year / there myspace/facebook/purevolume/lastfm/

    now, I would need this table or form to spit that info to another page as
    in a table

  2. WP Voyager
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @YOUAREtehSCENE: Sorry, your sentence structure is not very clear; it is very hard to tell what you are asking.

    From what I can understand, you want to set up a table structure that holds data like the example you give. As far as I know, the XHTML standard (used by "orthodox" WP installations) discourages the use of the <table> tag.

    I'm sure that you can find tutorials about how to achieve a similar result with the <div> tag and a little CSS. If not, check your local library or a bookstore for a copy of XTML, CSS, and PHP for Dummies. I have found this to be an excellent resource for the current web-standards, and I remember it having a section of creating a table-like structure based on classes, and not arbitrary table rows (like what was required with the <table> tag).

    I hope this helps,

    Posted 6 years ago #

    sorry my brain works faster than my fingers.

    look @ this

  4. WP Voyager
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Okay, so you are thinking about having some kind of web form? Where someone can type in a query and press a submit button (or similar)? For that kind of application, you are going to have to use some amount of scripting, using PHP or another web language.

    Setting up the table once (so that there is the static version for your own use) is easy, generating a dynamic table (based on the user input of your visitor) is much harder. I would advise looking for a plugin that provides similar functionality, or else get with the WP Pro mailing list to find someone who can help you with the code.

    Alas, I am not a PHP person.... So I would have very little idea on what exactly to do to provide your desired end result.

    All the same, I hope you can find a suitable solution.

  5. khushalbhadra
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Well guys i too want to create a band list as i am working on a music website. You can check it http://www.gospelofdoom.in.

    I need similar kind of structure of each bands and their information.

    I myself am looking for answers?

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