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  • Hi there,

    I am here with what it seems a super-easy step to do, but is not for me.

    I am trying to create a sudirectory. I followed the following link

    Honestly, got a bit schocked at step 5, because first happened then I read it. Anyway, then I guess I copied already core files to new location, but now I am stucked here. I don’t understand weather I understand what is to do in step 7.

    In my directory all files where already inside root directory, so why need to copy them again? Then the mentioned index.php is .html in my directory and I don’t find the ‘./wp-blog-header.php’.

    I am so confused that I am thinking I am checking what to do in the wrong place?

    Anyway, I still can not access to the webpage not to the wp-admin page. Can somebody give me some guidance? I would really appreciate!

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  • That set of directions is for moving the core files out of the root directory, so of course it would direct you to move the core files out of the root directory. What is it that you want to do exactly?

    I would like to create a subdirectory, so I guess I was in the wrong place following the wrong instructions?

    Are you asking about how to install WordPress in a sub-directory? If so, your questions should be asked in the installation folder.

    Or, are you asking about organizing the pages or posts within your WordPress instal?

    I want to organize my webpage in different subdirectories, so I guess that I mean your second question.

    K. Sounds like following the wrong directions screwed up your site, and it will probably be best to start over with a clean install.

    After that, WordPress offers several ways to organize your website. Or, if all you’re asking for is navigation options, you should look into finding a theme that already fits your needs.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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