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  • Hi,

    I’m hoping someone might be able to offer suggestions here as I cannot find anything to help so far.

    I would like to create an agency website that features the ability to for users to search for and be presented with listed results of bands and acts based on their search criteria. i.e. you select “rock bands”, or a location, or a price range etc I would like all my bands matching that criteria to appear in a summarised list which the user can then click on for additional information about the act. Make sense?

    It’s essentially a directory, a listing, a database… I am not sure what the correct term is really, but its a common thing to find on any music or property type site. I am not sure whether this is theme or plugin driven. Would anyone have any suggestions as to plugins or tools that could help achieve this functionality please? Endless searching is not producing any results so far. I’m wondering if this is in fact a more custom built type of functionality as well!?

    Many thanks.

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  • If you can assign categories that will classify your Posts, the Multiple Category Selection Widget plugin will let viewers select the various categories.

    I wrote something like this for my Easel theme using Custom Post types, you could strip that out and work with it from there if you wanted.

    Thank you very much for your replies. I am keen to check out the Multiple Category Selection Widget however I was hoping for more of a database driven product catalogue type thing rather than making all my featured artists an individual post page, although I agree it looks like this suggestion could be looking in the right direction. I wonder if this would mean that I couldnt have an actual blog on my site if all my bands and artists were essentially posts!?

    Thank you also Frumph. I’m afraid I have little to no coding knowledge so I am nervous of customising anything 🙁

    I believe that you will find that the ‘database driven product catalogue’s use an individual database record for each product. If you don’t want to use Posts, consider using a Custom Post Type.

    The Custom Post Type UI plugin makes it easy to set up Custom Post Types as well as Custom Taxonomies (used like Categories to classify records).

    I am not certain that the Multiple Category Search will work with Custom Taxonomies, so you might have to stick with Categories.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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