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  • I have a database table that I’d like to use as the source for some postings. Suppose a row of the table looks like this:

    title=jack's dream
    content=i was flying around a lot.

    When someone visits the page (or whatever), I’d like to display a blog post that looks like this:

    Jack's Dream
    by Jack
    I was flying around a lot.

    I’d like this to be like any other blog posting, with the ability for viewers to add comments.

    And if I change the data in the database table, the page should reflect that. In other words, the data would be live, as opposed to being transferring to the main blog postings table.

    Any tips?

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  • Take a look at FeedWordPress.

    It might be a solution to create a PHP page as RSS feed from your database records and then import this through FeedWordPress for example.

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