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  1. pringlesz
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    I've started a new website experiment with wordpress, after my first step with CMS with Joomla.
    I chose the Fullscreen Theme from GraphPapers, but I can't manage a grid of a category posts to appear, after going on the category page.

    I'd like to have something like this : http://www.clouds365.com/year3/clouds/time-of-day/7pm-8pm

    Actually, I've pretty well googled this case and found different topics but all pointing in the same direction.

    Many of other topics are just plagiarism from these 2 above.

    I'm not sure to have set everything up for my theme, as I'm not so advanced neither in CSS nor PHP. Yes, it does'nt work, but I don't know how to insert a grid, so it may be enabled but not implemented.

    Could somebody could have a look to my attempts?
    Or maybe I missed THE plugin for doing this?
    I think it's the last thing I would need for a working production site.

    Thanks in advance

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