How to Create a "Partial" Hierarchical Tree for Navigation (1 post)

  1. jl2004
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm new to developing on the wordpress platform. I'm sure what I'm about to ask has been done before, but I just can't seem to find the tutorials for it.

    I want to create a partial hierarchical tree that expands and collapses depending on which page you are on. For example, if I'm on the "Battery" page of an inventory site, the navigation should be:

    - Electronics
    - - Computers
    - - TVs
    - - Miscellaneous
    - - - [ Batteries ]>selected
    - - - Power Cords
    - Furniture
    - Lighting

    If I am on the "Love Seat" page, then the hierarchy should be

    - Electronics
    - Furniture
    - - Sofas
    - - - Full Sets
    - - - [ Love Seats ] > selected
    - - Beds
    - - Dining Room
    - Lighting

    So as you can see, the tree only shows the selected page, it's siblings, it's parent and parent siblings, grand parent and grand parent siblings etc....

    How do I achieve this?


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