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  • This concerns phpMyAdmin 2.5.6
    MySQL 3.23.58
    php 4.1.2

    How to create a new user?

    I have created a named database (called wordpress)
    but there is no obvious way to create a new user.


    This instruction is given:

    Using phpMyAdmin
    1. Click Add a new User

    (although this refers to phpMyAdmin 2.6.0)

    My phpMyAdmin control panel shows only this:
    Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.5.6
    MySQL 3.23.58 running on localhost as root@localhost

    Create new database [Documentation]

    Show MySQL runtime information
    Show MySQL system variables [Documentation]
    Show processes [Documentation]
    Reload MySQL [Documentation]
    Change password
    Log out
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Your webhosting control panel should control that, not the phpmyadmin area.
    If you have cpanel / plesk / vdeck / ensim, there are some install guides here:
    which may be worth a look, even if just for ideas if you do not have those.

    I am, indeed, a man of few ideas.

    My webhost’s control panel was my first guess, but
    it didn’t seem to work. I will go back and try again.

    Thank’s for eliminating a false direction.

    This is what my host says:

    * Log in to phpmyadmin as “root”
    * Select the “mysql” database from the drop-down list on the left
    * Select the “User” table from the list on the left
    * From the links along the top of the page, select
    * For the username, enter your preferred username for wordpress (e.g. “wordpress”)
    * For the host entry, enter “localhost”
    * For the password entry, enter your preferred password, *and* ensure
    that the drop-down list immediately to the left of the password text field is set to “Password”
    * Leave the remaining options as the default and confirm the addition.
    * From the links at the top of the page, select “SQL”
    * In the main text box now displayed, remove any data already in the box
    and enter the command “flush privileges”. Confirm this command by
    clicking on the “Go” button.

    The user should now be created. The next stage is to authorise access to
    the “wordpress” database :-

    * From the drop-down list on the left, select the “wordpress” database.
    * From the links at the top of the page, select “SQL”.
    * Again, remove any text in the main SQL text box, and replace it with
    the command “GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wordpress.* TO
    wordpress@localhost”. *Please note* you should replace “wordpress” within “wordpress@localhost” with
    the username you chose when creating the user. The
    reference to “wordpress” in quotes (i.e. “wordpress.*”)
    should be left unchanged.

    Once this is completed, you should be able to access the SQL server with
    the username and password you supplied, and you should have access to
    make any changes to the “wordpress” database as that user, but you
    should not be able to make changes to other SQL databases – you would
    need to log in as root to gain full access again.

    It still does not work, though.

    Is the syntax correct here:

    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON /space / backquote / wordpress /
    backquote / period / multiply / space / TO /

    I have seen numerous google search results on this that
    show: GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* ‘username’@’localhost’

    The backquotes didn’t show in the first instance
    of that GRANT ALL… command posted above, but were
    in the example my host provided.

    I’m certain there is no error in wp-config.php.

    This is very convoluted. Who is your host ?

    Wow. That’s unbelievably involved…. yes, it CAN be done that way, but it’s so much easier to do it through the “mySQL Databases” selection in cPanel etc. (assuming you have it of course….) could you maybe provide some screenshots of your cPanel?

    Convoluted? You’re not kidding!

    This has become the ‘Famous 3000 minute install’.

    I don’t know what cPanel is. My host
    ( provides phpMyAdmin 2.5.6

    It has created a database called wordpress, and a
    user, but /wp-admin/install.php just says- Error establishing a database connection.

    Hmm. On one of their pages is this: http://www.your-domain/_domainadmin to get to the “secondary control panel”, (replace your-domain with your actual domain name as appropriate).

    Try that and see what you get?

    RE: pay-as-you-host
    The standard account is 3.99 pounds.
    Today’s exchange rate: 3.99 British Pound = 6.95337 US Dollar.
    I pay at least 1 dollar less and have cPanel and all the nice stuff. (I’ve checked the “demo” admin panel – it’s a crap)

    indoux –

    (Disclosure: I am involved in the above)

    Yes, that is their facility for, e.g. creating authorisations for http:// users, so that if you
    try to get to or, you would
    get a pop-up panel requesting a username and
    password. I didn’t think it had anything to do
    with database access for directories on my server.

    There is also 17.5% VAT (sales tax) on top, so it’s
    4.69 a month. Advantage is you can just pay a single month
    at a time. Thought it would be a cheap way to experiment-
    obviously i’m a beginner.

    I’ve only paid for 2 months so I will press on. Might take
    you up on that, podz, if I don’t get anywhere.

    Also, – pay monthly, $6US (not involved in it though I resell for them, but I AM an extremely satisfied customer). Not as much space as the one Podz noted though….

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