• Hey,

    I have been trying for two days to build a new page for my client’s website and I’m starting to think that it is not possible to build new pages in WordPress anymore. It used to be really simple – Just click New Page and that’s it.

    Could someone give me step by step information on how to create a new page in wordpress that works?

    I’ve been trying everything. I have created only a new page. I’ve created a new template. I’ve created a new template and redirect it to a new page.

    Nothing works. How can it be so hard to create a new page?

    I just create a this new template but I made the mistake and changes it’s name and now it’s just gone – There’s no way to access that page anymore.


    Please help me I have come to an dead end.

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  • From the top, horizontal dashboard menu: NEW => PAGE

    From the left, vertical dashboard menu: PAGES => ADD NEW

    I don’t know if it’s possible to make it any easier than this!

    I just create a this new template but I made the mistake and changes it’s name and now it’s just gone – There’s no way to access that page anymore.

    Now it seems the question has changed mid-stream!

    A template Page.

    So what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    That does not work like it’s supposed to work but don’t worry I think that I now found the solution.

    I’m glad you found the solution that worked for you.

    But I’m curious what happens when you click those links to create a new page? And what solution did you find?

    If you can, please provide a screenshot of what you see when you click either of those links… and describe what solution worked for you… so other WordPress users with a similar problem can benefit from it.

    Thank you.

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    I mean, sure it creates a New Page but that new page used some random template that I couldn’t edit properly – Meaning if I edit the template it would edit every single page on my website.

    I could choose a template from the Page setting but the template that I just created wasn’t shown there so it would not work, either.

    Solution: I will write step by step instructions if someone counters this issue.

    1. Create a New Page from the main dashboard
    2. Choose a Page name by writing to heading (Let’s say Test Page for this example)
    3. Go to Appearance – Editor – and Templates
    4. Create a New Template and then WordPress asks where to link this new template
    5. Choose Test Page (Choose the name of the page that you just created)
    6. Now you can edit this Test Page like normal pages without it editing every single page in WordPress

    I literally tried every other option on creating a new page during 2 days and this is the only way I found that you can create a new page and edit it.

    I understand all you said.

    The problem though is… that’s not the question you asked.

    Your question was simply about “How to create a new page?”. It’s even right there in your post title 😀

    Anyway, good luck with your project!

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