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  • Hi,

    I’m attempting to create a plugin that adds a new page to WordPress. However, I have trawled the Plugin documentation looking for a way to do this and can’t find anything.

    The closest I came was this forum thread which talks about using XML-RPC from an external script, which doesn’t fit the need.

    Anybody know how to do this?

    Many thanks,

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  • Okay, I went cruising around the code of some other plugins and I’m thinking that I actually just have to perform an INSERT query on the database directly, with all the relevant information.

    Anybody care to concur?


    Right… I tried the INSERT query idea without success.

    The front page of the blog actually displays the page as if it was a post and somehow every post/page is now the same as my new page….

    Surely there’s a standard way to add a new page? A WP function? Anything?

    I bring up this post.

    I also I was wondering if it could be possibile from within a plugin to dinamically create a static page based on a template file present in the theme.


    wrighting directly to the DB should work if you know all the tables and fields you need to hit… I wouldn’t recommend it though.

    this topic is of use to me as well and looking through the function list I quickly found this function:

    it works for pages as well as posts.

    I don’t know how much use it is to the OP but I found it useful and hopefully the next time someone searches this topic they’ll see this.

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