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  • After downloading WP I have spent some time looking at index.php to try to figure out if what I want to do can be done, and if so how, and so far I haven’t had much luck figuring out either.
    The setup I am looking to do is the following:
    *The script needs to be installed in a /Scripts/ subfolder, not in root. I understand that this is doable, although with some complications. However, I believe someone pointed out that it didn’t quite work unless your index.php was under root rather than under another subdirectory? As I note below, I will have blog content in a lot of files in several different directories.
    *I want to include the dynamic content within otherwise static files, rather than to have them be completely dynamic. This is the main problem, I guess, since I am not sure what WP files I will end up using with this approach, if it works at all. I presume I’d strip out certain bits from index.php to include on the pages where I want some blog content, but I haven’t quite figured out what bits I need.
    *I want to integrate the CSS needed with my current CSS files, rather than having a separate one.
    *My index page is not supposed to have any blog content, so there wouldn’t really be an index.php at all, as far as WP is concerned.
    *I want to have one page (and a matching RSS feed) which combines the last months posts from all my current blogs. This one would go under root.
    *For each individual blog (one for each section of my site), I want to have a separate page (and a matching RSS feed) with the last months post from that blog alone. These pages would go within the subdirectories for the sections they belong to.
    *For some of the blogs, I also want to include the last 10 posts from certain categories on specific pages. These would usually be within subdirectories as well.
    At the moment, I have no idea whether this is doable. I have started reading up a bit on php, but so far it is a bit of a mystery to me.
    I am also wondering how the purely dynamic parts (which I imagine that for example Archives always would be — although I don’t know how Archives would work with the setup I am looking for, with no index.php?) work together with search engines. They can’t really index dynamic content, can they?
    In any case, my apologies for the length of this. The whole concept of dynamic pages really has me rather confused, especially when I am trying to get them to work in a way familiar to me. 🙂

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  • Hmm … I have to admit, I can’t quite see how that would work. Most of the pages where I want to include dynamic content has a lot of static content beyond just the blog content. Essentially, the blog content functions like snippets of news on an otherwise static page.
    After looking at some example sites, I was thinking that maybe what I need to do to manage this mix is to include the right code from index.php as well as the right parameters to display a certain kind of posts right on the pages in question, rather than to dynamically feed the parameters to the pages. If I am understanding things even remotely correctly, that ought to mean that a specific page will always load the same blog(s) or category/categories.
    Not sure how one would combine that with archives though. Perhaps with a few separate archives.php files, since it does look like those would need to be entirely dynamically generated. Unless the main pages can be setup so that if you don’t feed it a parameter, load the default parameter, otherwise load what was fed to it, to enable archives on the same page.
    Anyone know if I am moving in the right direction? 🙂

    I believe I need something like this too, but now for WP1.5. What I’d like to do is to mix static and dynamic content on a page. So tha for example I could have a ‘portfolio’ section where I give a static paragraph of intro copy, followed by a list of posts for each work.

    Can something like this be done in 1.5 without too much hacking?


    What script are you referring to ?

    @ tamper your problem seems straight forward. You could use the archives template and add some static copy manually or edit the loop to call it twice for different parameters.

    I know many people will pooh pooh this but I did exactly what you are looking for (I think) in MS FrontPage which I use mainly for offline work and FTP. All I did was open up the appropriate file from my WP folder (ie index.php or similar) which opens as a text document (Notepad) and copied the text. Then I transferred this to a new HTML page in FP and saved it. This replicates the dynamic php page and also allows me then to tweak the static (html) page to whatever I want. Hope this helps. (

    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess the nirvana would be a solution that allows me to edit the static text in the admin, rather than having to pull apart the php files.

    But this works for now.


    I am an SEO with bare minimum technical experience. I am having the same issues as “tamper”, trying to get WordPress to work with FrontPage. I used “breger”s suggestions which seem to work for me in manipulating the html and metas; however I cannot manipulate how the page looks on the front-end — e.g. adding a nicer background color, putting in my own logo instead of their “logo box”, etc. Any suggestions? THanks so much.

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    I am having the same issues as “tamper”, trying to get WordPress to work with FrontPage.

    You will have *extreme* issues getting something like this to work. Frontpage is not designed to do dynamic content in any shape or form. I would recommend not using it, or using any HTML editing program. These sorts of things invariably make life harder for the professional webmaster.

    My suggestion would be to take some time to learn some basic HTML and perhaps the bare minimum of PHP. It’s not difficult stuff, really. And it will make your life much simpler in the long run.

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