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  • I have a website hosted on a GoDaddy deluxe hosting plan. The theme I have is creating multiple challenges that are becoming overwhelming but when I activate a different theme there are issues everywhere: menus, sidebars, etc. I have empty URL’s hosted through the deluxe hosting that I could possibly use to move all the information over, change the theme, fix the problems, then move the updated site with the new theme back to the original URL. The challenge is that I have no clue how to move everything across and then back and have it work. I am basically a newbie, so be gentle and don’t assume that I know something… I probably dont. Thanks for any help.

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    – Package up all files and export the database

    – Upload all files to the new server

    – Do a find and replace with the Database Export (Basically changing all old URL to the new URL that will used for the new install.)

    – Create database and import the Database from the old site (After you do the find and replace)

    – Modify the wp-config.php file in the root of WordPress to match the connection settings to the new database.

    The reason things are breaking when you change themes is most likely because your current theme is using Widgets and custom menus. When you change the theme you are basically resetting the widgets and menu’s (if the theme you are changing to has not been setup yet). I sometime like to use a plugin called “Widget Saver”, which I find very helpful sometimes (Mostly with oder WordPress installs).

    To much info to post here in detail so I would take it step by step and come back t the forums for help AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED YOURSELF.

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