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  • Hey,

    i didnt know where exactly to ask this question, so here you go.

    I want to create a Page where a community of people can post things (as in goods) they want to give away, or if they are in need of something, post what they are looking for. All this would be great without making them register anywhere. Its supposed to be a Wall (like in Facebook) where people can just leave a post. Then there would be poeple overseeing the post and if nessesary deleete questionable requests or offers…

    What is the best solution for this? A Forum is to huge, a market plugin to complex and abstract. Actually this would be a kind of a Guestbookfeature (as in older days of the internets) or like a feedback form.

    Who can give me a hint on a plausible solution? Also the look shouldnt differ from my wordpress theme look. So no external Forms or Frameworks.

    It should look like the admin (or whoever posts) hast postet it, just that it was posted by someone without any means of registration…

    I read that there is a possibility to use a Form that sends a Mail and WordPress reads und converts that email into a post. This way sound interesting, but i have no clou as to how to make wordpress do that…

    thanx a bunch!!!

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