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  • Hi guys,

    a customer of mine wants a membership with 2 payments.
    Upon registration the member pays 1 Dollar, if he stays a member for 1 day he’s charged a recurring 1 year fee of 10,- .

    Is there a wordpress compatible membership script that manages payment and access to content for paid(registered users?

    Thanks for your ideas,

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  • ralf,

    There are numerous commercial membership plugins out there for what you need. Try memberswing, sumi, and there are a few more.


    Thanks, I’ll check them out.


    Hi Ralf – specifically, I use the wishlist plugin which can do exactly that (and lots more). I looked at quite a few membership systems, and wishlist offered the most integrated wordpress+membership features. Easy to install and use.

    all the best,


    The direct link to the WordPress wishlist plugin is:
    and their new site:




    How is this not SPAM? These are paid, non-open source products being hawked here.



    The only reason I posted the links was because the previous guy posted an affiliate link to them.

    Saw this thread after taking a look at the Wishlist site. Here is my question to anyone who cares to answer. Does any of these plugins offer recurring payment features like what the original poster posed in his question?

    What is the best membership plugin? I’m considering Wishlist, but there are many other options out there.

    I think they’re all commercial, which is OK if they offer value for money.

    I have wishlist and wish I had never bought it. I’m very computer savvy but the code was wrong. After a COUPLE OF MONTHS of begging Wishlist support to actually support their software I had to hire a tech guy to get it done. Then Wishlist stepped in and added some code – but when you pay for software you expect it to work immediately – and that support will actually support it. I CANNOT RECOMMEND WISHLIST. Use something that’s better supported and don’t waste your money on WishList.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Thanks DrDivina. So which script should I try? Any recommendations?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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