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    Can I create a login page with this user registration plugin? I only see the ability to create the user registration form.

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  • The “My Account” page acts as a login page if you are not logged in. It looks like the login form at https://wpeverest.com/login/ which is the demo of this plugin.

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    Thanks, Andrew. I put this shortcode on the “My Account” page:

    The login page appears. However, I cannot login with the credentials I create for a user.

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    Why do you think I cannot login?

    I’m not sure. I’m just a user too and not from the plugin team, so hopefully they’ll chime in shortly, but in the meantime I’d start and check if it works at yoursite.com/wp-login.php then I’d say let them know at https://wpeverest.com/contact/ that it works for a regular login but not. If it doesn’t work at wp-login.php then something is wrong with the account.

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    Actually, it should not work from the yoursite.com/wp-login because this is supposed to login from front end not back end. I don’t want users logging from back end.

    I just meant you could use wp-login to make sure the account got setup properly as a test. If it doesn’t work there, then the [user_registration_login] won’t work either. If it does work on wp-login then it’s a plugin problem.

    Hello @option75,

    Please use the shortcode [user_registration_login] to the page where you want the login form to appear. It should work both on the frontend and backend login form.

    However, I cannot login with the credentials I create for a user.

    What specific message you got trying to login? Can you please share your site url so that we can look at it?

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    Dear Sir,

    Can you please help to fix this issue. In this i proceed with your guidelines. I am able to register. but when i logged in the page is still in the same page itself. i tried with the redirect also. please help how to enter in to the home page after the login. The link of my blog is given below:


    I would suggest you start a new topic as this thread is older and you may not get help.

    I’m just a user but we ended up using PeepSo as a social media plugin and it came with a registration form but when we were using this plugin it worked great like the docs at https://docs.wpeverest.com/docs/everest-forms/everest-forms/how-to-display-the-forms/ so I’d check there if you have not.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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