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    Hello, I am embarrassed to ask this but I have looked and looked and cannot figure out how to make one of my navigation buttons on my wp hosted 20.12 theme a click link to another webpage of mine on another website. I understand how to click link photos etc in widget or text area but not in the nav button area itself. I am sure it is something very simple but to date am not seeing the solution. Thank you for anyone who can guide me to the correct steps. I always seem to want to do what is not possible but I think this can be done, no?

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  • Are your navigation buttons created through Appearance > Menus? If so you should have a Links section to add a custom link to a menu you have created.

    If you do go to Menus and don’t see the option go up to Screen Options at the top left and check the box for it.

    OMG User error-blush… sigh… I did not see to scroll down further for option to link to outside url. Anyone needing help with this use this plugin and SCROLL DOWN all the way on your page you set up for your Nav button, click to add outside url and click to open in new window if you want that.

    Oh! I did not see this here middev. I checked in Menus and my Nav button I targeted is there but I did not see a way to link outside url to that, only navigation Label and Attribute. Again, I am sure it has everything to do with me lol. I installed the plugin but did not scroll down enough to see any change. I need glasses-too many late nights on computer 🙂 Thank you for helping me, but please , in the spirit of wanting to learn, what would I do in Menus after opening screen options? I do not see anything to make linking url when opening that nav title, just those two boxes. I will mark this resolved after I hear from you ok? I would like to learn instead of always using plugin.

    Check out this screenshot full screen. It is showing the Appearance > Menus with Screen Options open. See the check in Links. Under that you can see an area for Links that will enable you to set a url and an name for you menu item. You can then use that in your navigation / menu.

    A Ha! So it is as easy as placing the new landing page url in that box and below simply placing the Link Text Menu title of the Nav button which is in my menu? I am not very smart on these things, that seems very simple lol. Sometimes it is the obvious that is not so obvious. I will unclick the plugin am using and see if I can make the other way work. I think the less plugins the better. Thank you showing me this. If I did not understand correctly let me know.

    I think you got it. You do as you said to create your menu item using the fields in the Link section. Then click “Add to Menu”. And yes, less plugins is better. 🙂

    Okay I deactivated the plugin and now I have two nav buttons of the same name and they both work AHHHHHHHAHAHAHHA! Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? I will root this out and I guess uh destroy the page or something, I’ll figure it out. Thank you so much!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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